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Is this cool or what? A huge branch fell out of a tree and luckily missed the house, the garage, and my little pool. But this end is hollow and I'm saving it to plant something in it. I don't know what yet but it's so cool.

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I have been working hard in my gardens this summer. Thought I'd share some of the things I've been growing! (see the red flower behind the marigolds? That's the red dahlia I keep talking about below)

I've expanded even more since these pictures were taken. The garden extends all the way to the sidewalk!

Growing on the porch are some potted amaryllis bulbs.

I recently expanded the front flower bed twice this summer. In 2009 it was just a one maybe two foot strip in front of the house. I planted daffodils and lilies. Of course that wasn't enough for me. Daffodils, being my favorite of all flowers (I don't know if it's because they bloom first or in the south (where I don't live anymore) they were always in bloom on my birthday, or what, but they are my favorite.

I just love these moss roses. I can't believe after 6 years they just came back all by themselves.

Here's another portulaca picture 9-15-15

So I bought some plants on clearance sale, I think moss roses and maybe something else. (Guess what, those moss roses from 2009 just came back up in 2015. Weird.)

So we dug out patches and patches of grass and weed. Then I had more room and needed more plants. I bought hibiscus on 90% off clearance a couple of years ago and it's doing fabulous. I grew hollyhocks from seed and they do alright too, but they are so prone to rust.

We had moonflowers galore in I think 2012. This year I could only get 4 moonflower plants to grow.

All in all, in the front yard, this is planted:
Corkscrew rush [also called juncus spiralis] (my newest favorite but it can never replace daffodils!)
Sigh, my spiralis out front is not doing as well as the ones in the back yard. I wonder maybe it doesn't like sun?

Japanese anemone (?) I bought them for $1 at a yard sale. They seem to need a lot of water and don't think they're going to bloom this year.
Well, two days of hot sun and no water and the darned things shriveled up and died. Guess they won't be blooming at all.

Moon flowers

Here's a moonflower that's going to bloom tonight:

Told ya that moon flower was going to bloom!

Well, it's fortunate I took these pictures even though I hadn't weeded, because today I went outside and something ate every single leaf off from every single black hollyhock plant I have. All of my hollyhocks have been grown from seed so you know how much work that is. And they are always prone to rust so you know how much work that is constantly snipping those leaves. They better grow back.

Holly hocks (white, yellow and pink this year, hope to have black next year)

Moss Roses that came back after 6 years and they are cute

I just can't believe how they just showed up and are doing so well!

I still just love these little flowers

Black eyed susans (after I finally got the mailman to stop walking on them (he would look up and down the street, then walk through my flower bed to get to the mail slot instead of just walking up the stinking stairs) they FINALLY flourished this year!

Firecracker plant (this has got to be the hardiest plant I've ever had--it's had blooms since I bought it in May, it never needs anything)

Red dahlia (that I bought from Blumz but something has been slowly eating it--I've tried neem oil, Captain Jacks, Fungicide, sluggo, I don't know what's eating it but yesterday it looked just dead)
If you look at the expansion garden pictures in the top, the red dahlia is in front of the black eyed susan and behind the marigolds
8-24-15 It's dead. It's been dead for weeks. Luckily I had split it in two and planted half in front and half in the back yard. The one in the back yard, once I got rid of whatever was eating it, is doing ok now.

I planted bulbs/tubers of two more dahlias--one is coming up. The other is not.
I've got three plants out of four bulbs! It's kind of late (8-24-15) for it to bloom though, the plants are not ready for blooms.
New dahlias are called Soulman Powder Puff and Nuit D Ete Dinnerplate Cactus

Marigolds (yeah just plain old yellow/orange striped marigolds--I had to have something for color while everything else is taking its sweet time to bloom)

delosperma (mine are NOT flowering pfft)

hens & chicks (this year I dug them all up and moved them to the very edge of the new flower bed nearest the sidewalk)
coleus (I grew these from seed!!! yay!)

I let this one go to seed just to see if it will reseed and come back up next summer.

I accidentally dug up a tiny piece of yucca over the summer. I had put it in a ziploc bag with some water with the intent of giving it away. Somehow it got stuck in the garage, and I found it last week, sprouting these teeny tiny leaves! So I planted it out front (southern sun aka desert)

fire spinner (another stupid succulent ice type of plant that isn't blooming)

sedum (these I dug up from the side of the house because the peonies were just overtaking them and they're doing great and have buds!)

I saw bees and butterflies on the sedum today

daisy (yes common old yellow and white daisies--they walked themselves from the side of the house to the front and I let them stay)
lily (the ones in front are really beautiful--orange with a reddish brown stripe)

hibiscus (these are doing the funniest thing, the red plant from last year turned pink this year. The pale pink plant turned white with pink edges and the other pink plant turned a dark maroon. Go figure.)

achillea pomegranate (I actually bought this on ebay and it came as a live plant and it's doing alright as long as it gets some water)

borage (grew from seeds--no idea what it will look like later but it's got big broad leaves)
It's got buds of some kind!

So this is what borage looks like.

amaranthus (hot biscuit?) (finally starting to take hold and grow)
And it's got a bloom! Two of them have blooms!

Last week I noticed something had been eating all the leaves and I was so mad! I sprinkled the last of the sluggo around them. Slugs are a terrible problem here. But this one is growing nicely.

I just love this amaranthus. And a few others are doing well now too.

I think this one is called amaranthus illumination

I think this one is the one called hot biscuit

I know too many pictures right? Someone a street over has huge plants of this so I am hoping it comes back next year even bigger.

My only remaining lamb's ear plant (and a weed):

lamb's ear (ok we were out walking and saw this soft fuzzy plant and the lady told us it was lamb's ear so I bought some and they're finally starting to take hold)

Well, of five lamb's ear plants one is surviving. I think maybe I was giving it too much water.

cleome viola queen (grew from seeds--no flowers yet)

It's going to flower!!

9-8-2015 too bad it's so late in the summer

Wow, these turned out so pretty. You can also see a moon flower to the left.

Candy Cane oxalis (grew from seeds, three of the five plants are doing great)
Ah, I know I labeled the seeds oxalis but these aren't an oxalis. I don't know what they are, but they look like weeds.
I pulled them up. I am pretty sure they were weeds. But look what I found. I think this is baby's breath.

Purple foxglove (the yellow on the side of the house has reseeded itself so many times that three plants have turned into 9, I hope the purple does well too)
Angel Trumpet (not a lily I don't think, I grew it from seed so we'll see)

Hypoestes pink polka

I think I'm going to dig these little guys up and plant them in that hollow log that fell out of the tree during the storm. Then I can bring them inside for the winter.

There is one more thing planted out front but due to my poor system of labeling when I was planting seeds--I don't know what it is. If it ever flowers I'll figure it out.

I made a new tiny flower bed out front on the other side of the sidewalk. Initially I planted red marigolds (grown from seed) and red sunflowers (grown from seed).

Darned if this week something didn't eat every leaf off the sunflower plants. Grrrrrr.
The marigolds look nice though.

The red marigolds are really doing well. They don't always get watered but they're resilient.

And because Meijer had mums right out front before you even get in the store two of them just jumped into my shopping cart. Imagine that.

Side yard plants:
blue spiderwort

I cut down the spiderwort because it was not blooming anymore and it was getting unsightly. I found this little guy under it. I think it is called snow on the mountain.

ornamental grass (I didn't plant this! I don't want this!)

purple and white dahlia (it has no flowers yet--it's the plant behind the purple and white daisy)

I think it's going to bloom soon!

September 5: it is going to bloom soon!

September 25, it's gorgeous!

purple and white daisy

plain white daisy

mums (not sure what color--they didn't come up last year and I can't remember) (they're hiding behind the purple and white daisy plant)
They're red! I remember them being a maroon or purple color but I love this red.

Still growing!

hostas with purple flowers I don't like so much
asiatic lily (these were so beautiful before something ate them!)


day lily

tiger lily
John creech stonecrop sedum
asiatic dayflower (ack! this is a weed!)

yellow foxglove

trumpet lily (why didn't I take a picture of this when it was in bloom? They're fantastic)

Oh my gosh! Is this a seed pod on my hostas? (I'm so into seeds this year)

aphrodite hosta (my favorite hosta!)

These (below) are the aphrodite hostas I bought from this ebay seller (or go directly to his website at http://www.hostas-store.com/ ) and they are a great quality plant--way better than the ones I bought from a seed company
You see it's got a bud on it too!

In bloom!

Ok the first "round garden". It kind of divides the front yard from the back yard.

It gets the most beautiful hyacinths in the spring--which I didn't know when I moved here and I planted cheddar pink dianthus in the exact spot where the hyacinth comes up every year. Luckily dianthus doesn't care and it just grows later after the hyacinth is done. I would dig up the bulbs and replant them but I never never have luck with hyacinth on my own.

Also in this garden are lots of roses. They all had black mold this year though so I cut them all off. They're growing back.

It also has lots of the hostas with purple flowers but I'll tell you, these aren't my favorite and this year I let whatever eats them, eat them. Now they look so ugly that I wish I had treated them but there's so many other plants to take care of.

And finally in this garden is one lonely purple salvia plant. I love it! It was $1 at Kroger. It's grown and grown and I wish I had more.

Ok wander a little to the west. There is honeysuckle trying to regrow on the back of the house. It actually bloomed last year, but last fall the roofers and siding people tromped all over all the plants. And since the honeysuckle grew up the house, well, when you remove old siding and put new on, what is a poor honeysuckle to do?

A real but small flower bed behind the house has a bleeding heart plant that every year gets a little bigger. It also gets hyacinths in the spring but I got so spiralis happy that I planted some there and accidentally dug up 40 bulbs. Oops. I put them all to the side and forgot about them for a few weeks. I replanted them.
So, here it is, August 24, and what are they doing?

That's why I don't mess with existing hyacinth plants or bulbs.
Also six aphrodite hostas I bought from a seed company. They suck. I got a better deal and got better hostas from an ebay seller (see above).

There is another round flower garden but it is so rocky I can never plant anything there. It does get dozens of daffodils. In the center is a bird feeder. Moe likes to eat at the feeder too.

Well guess what? John sifted all of the rocks out of there and dug up all the daffodil bulbs. I separated and replanted some of the daffodils. There are just tons of them so I planted more bulbs in other places. But the round garden looks really nice now!

Some squirrels are going to become BURGOO if they don't quit digging up my daffodil bulbs. I mean it!
For you northern squirrels who don't know what burgoo is, think a nice warm place to live for the winter . . . a stew pot!

A nice long garden is on the east side of the yard. It has blackberries! And raspberries! Every year I've bought two new plants and planted them. Last year (summer #6) I got a few berries. This year I got a decent crop. Not like, enough for a pie, but enough to be happy!

Also in this garden are:

pink daisies (wow--these really took off in the past couple of weeks!

snapdragon (grew from seed--no flowers yet)
I don't know if it will bloom this year or not, it's pretty late in the year

9-8-15 It's got a bud on it!

9-30-15 Wow it's really flourishing. We had some great weather.

And there's a pink one! Lucky we are having such great October weather.

yucca (I can feel the buds inside the center stalk but they haven't bloomed yet this year)

red dahlia
It's finally doing much better and it's going to bloom if it stays warmer!

October weather is bringing this red dahlia back! See the spiralis to the left, too.

I planted these little things and they have grown a bit but I can't read the tag I wrote and I can't remember what they are. I suspect they are silver dust but I'm not sure.

This is the other half of the red dahlia I bought from Blumz. I had planted half out front and half in the side yard. The out front half did really well then just died. This one was looking terrible so I mixed up some "dirt" and "shored it up" with the new dirt. It's doing a lot better now.


columbine (they haven't flowered since I put them in the ground)


karalee petite pink butterfly flower

I took some cuttings from this a few days ago just to see if I can make them grow roots. It must have been good for the plant because look at all the flowers!

hostas (those purple ones again)

those tall yellow things that I still don't know the name

Ok so at the very back of the back yard, behind the clothesline, next to those yellow things, are two fake deer statues, and these plants:

lily of the valley
I tried putting the berries in plastic bags so the birds wouldn't eat them so I can get the seeds, but they were getting mushy


coleus (I grew from seed!)

The coleus I grew from seed is every bit as big or bigger than the one I bought from Kroger. I will have to dig my favorites up and bring them inside for the winter. Except I'm not so good at growing plants indoors.

Coleus I bought from Kroger

I thought this was silver dust, but it's not shaped right and it's not turning silver. So I don't know what it is.

pampas grass (not blooming yet)
some nasty junk trees that I always try to cut cut cut so they don't grow
lily plants

And last a little slice of garden against the garage. Things don't like to grow here. I'm not sure why.

I accidentally dug this up so I replanted it with lots of good dirt and miracle grow.

roses (the only red roses)
cheddar pink dianthus

purple loosestrife
something else I just planted and neglected to write down and we got heavy rains so the plants are a little drowned

Whew, so that's my 2015 garden!

Look for new things in 2016!

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