Updated November 14, 2006

My favorite bead sites:

Beading Fanatics

Orca beaded amulet bag

Woven madness beaded bag

Beaded flag

Adorable pansy beaded bracelet

Wire and Bead butterfly

Henna peyote stitch pattern

Beading forum

Links to many beaded projects but many are in French

Lots of free bead patterns - not in English but the pictures are easy to follow

Some bead patterns some free, some to buy

Pattern for a beaded doily, about halfway down the page

Beaded Flower Making

Free form beaded bracelet

Kyal's Free Peyote Stitch Patterns

Bead inlaid sterling cuff

Peyote patterns free

How to do needleweaving

Beads East learn how to bead

Beading Web Ring

Beading links page

Another bead web ring

Links to free patterns