Updated September 27, 2013
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Green Pruni Vicis and Emerald Picea Favus

Cocos Muscus Nebula and White Floris Favus

Violet Muscus Pyramis and White albeo Favus

Blue ceres nebula and I think it was a tangerine chroma favus (produced a glass chroma)

Azure cafea americano and beige bruna fortuno

Black cafea mustachio and Maroon bruna favus

Tangelo ceres fortuno and beige caelus foramen

This was a maroon floris gemma and a blue aurum tessera

This was a black picea hennae and a glass ceres arcus.

This was an aqua tingo frondis and a black floris botulus

See how you can get a chroma frog if you breed two non chroma frogs?

This was from a maroon picea lanterna and a pink albeo lanterna

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