September 7, 2015

I actually did knit something this past week. I experimented with a pair of doll pants that are awfully cute but don't fit any doll in this house.

Plus I don't like the inside seam (it's too thick, I thought I could somehow seam it nicely with the bobby pin/sayg but I couldn't figure it out).

But they are cute.

I did 35 stitches, with 28 rows (one leg), then make another one. I used waste yarn at the top and the bottom.
(This is on a Ultimate Sweater Machine knitting machine)

Then when the second leg was done I left it on the machine (no waste yarn actually) and placed the first leg on the 35 stitches to the right of it. Then I knit 70 stitches across for 18 rows. Every 6th row I did two "holes" in the knitting at the center (like at stitch 33 and 37) so I could crochet a string tie to thread through it to cinch the pants on the doll.

Then I bound the top of the pants off, took it off the machine, seamed up the legs and seamed up the back of the pants.

They're cute but as I said, they don't fit any doll I have (I only have an 18" doll, a barbie doll and a baby doll).

A starting point though for a pair that might fit next time.