Experimenting with seeds and plants
Updated September 18, 2015

So I've been playing around with peony seeds, amaryllis seeds, dahlia cuttings, some stuff.
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This is two amaryllis seeds (not bulbs/tubers), one in each little Dixie cup. They were not sprouting when I took the picture a few days ago. I'll have to update.

Ok this is an amaryllis seed that I floated in water for I think 6 days and you can see the nice little white sprout it has!
Since then I have planted it in some vermiculite/peat moss.

This is what the amaryllis seed looks like floating in water. I just took an empty bottled water bottle and filled it maybe 1/3 full with tap water and put two amaryllis seeds in it.
As of 9-18 both seeds have sprouted!