Updated September 27, 2013
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There are frog pairings where you CANNOT get a frog you expect to get! To see examples click here.

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Azure Chroma Gemma and Black Picea Janus

Green Cafea Levar and Azure Chroma Gemma

White Floris Fractus and Black Tingo Symphonia

Red Caelus Fortuno and Golden Albeo Mustachium

White Albeo Frondis and Golden Albeo Mustacium (you'll see it's a glass albeo mustacium)

Two Blue Callaina Gemmas (as for the weekly set starting August 15, 2013!) cannot get another Blue Callaina Gemma!

Cocos Carota Emblema and Beige Muscus Quilta

Royal Ceres Nebula and Emerald Cafea Hennae

Pink Cafea Nodare (or maybe it is royal?) and Orange floris fortuno

Beige Albeo Quilta and Cocos Bruna Emblema

Beige Albeo Quilta and White Folium Janus

Maroon Bruna Vicis and Purple Chroma Aceris

Pink Caelus Foramen and Beige Pruni Nodare

Pink Albeo Tessera and Red Viola Favus

Tangelo Tingo Foramen and Red Viola Favus

I think this was a purple folium arcus and cocos aurum favus

Marine Folium Hennae and Lime Cafea Fractus

Aqua Caelus Fractus and White Viola Vicis

Red caelus Tessera and Emerald Cafea Botulus

Black Bruna Frondis and Orange Picea Favus

Red Albeo Tessera and Azure Pruni Levar

Blue Ceres Emblema and Green Cafea Vicis

Lime Picea Fractus and Marine Cafea Nebula

Green Aurum Fractus and Royal Ceres Fractus

Cocos Tingo Pulvillus and Maroon Cafea Foramen

Emerald Carota Pulvillus and White Tingo Favus

Blue Picea Favus and Tangelo Carota Figularis

Golden Carota Emblema and Maroon Carota Fortuno

Black Caelus Axis and Cocos Ceres Botulus

Cocos Caelus Levar and Black Caelus Cornus

Red Albeo Botulus and Yellow Cafea Dimidus

White Chroma Pulvillus and Beige Callaina Formen

Violet Bruna Infinitas and Royal Musucs Americano

Maroon Tingo Botulus and Emerald Musucs Favus

Blue Tingo Hennae and Azure Caelus Hennae

Olive Pruni Nebula and Glass Floris Pistrix

Azure Folium Nebula and Purple Aurum emblema

Yellow Floris Nebula and Azure Folium Frondis

Pink Floris Pistrix and Violet Albeo Emblema

Emerald bruna tessera and black muscus hennae

Aqua floris fortuno and azure picea fortuno

Emerald floris emblema and beige carota fortuno

Blue ceres nebula and I think it was a tangerine chroma favus

Emerald Caelus Gemma and Violet aurum axis

Pink Picea Pulvillus and Royal Pruni Hennae

Green floris pulvis and aqua cafea levar

Yellow caelus quilta and maroon floris hennae

Purple Floris Foramen and Emerald Aurum Emblema

Maroon floris favus and yellow picea emblema

White caelus emblema and cocos albeo levar

Azure pruni fortuno and cocos carota symphonia

maroon floris symphonia and olive bruna emblema

Beige viola emblema and Maroon picea fortuno

Maroon pruni foramen and Beige carota frondis

azure aurum favus + lime folium pulvillus = glass aurum pulvillus

Royal picea favus and white bruna foramen

Maroon folium pictoris and green caelus favus

White Floris Hennae and Black cafea pistrix

Aqua Aurum Emblema and Emerald Cafea Vicis

Maroon picea fortuno and Beige viola emblema

I think this was a pink aurum (maybe royal) axis and an azure bruna mustachio:

This was a green floris nebula and a violet folium nodare

This was a purple cafea pictoris and a white albeo emblema

This was a white tingo dimidus and an aqua caelus emblema

This was an azure tingo hennae and a tangelo folium shelbus

This was a white callaina levar and a cocos pruni fortuno

This was a green picea fortuno and an orange floris mustacium

This was a green picea fortuno and a blue albeo frondis

This was a black picea pulvillus and a beige folium favus

This was a royal picea foramen and a beige pruni botulus

This was a yellow carota americano and a purple floris coclearis

This was an aqua ceres fractus and a red ceres levar

This was a blue viola frondis and an azure cafea nebula

This one was a maroon picea arcus and a violet aurum emblema

This one was a pink aurum nebula and a marine chroma infinitas

This one was a golden caelus nebula and an emerald ceres quilta

This was a lime caelus and a tangelo folium lanterna

See how you can get a glass frog if you breed two non glass frogs?

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