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Updated 10-26-2015

Yay! I successfully made ten ghosts and mailed 7 of them off today!

Though my pattern is below, you don't need a pattern.

Choose a yarn you like/have. I used #10 and #3 crochet threads.
Choose a machine you have. I used both the Ultimate Sweater Machine and a standard gauge Hand-e-Knit.
Cast on however many stitches you want. The minimum I used was 21 (with #3 thread) and the maximum I used was 41 (with #10 thread and the Hand-e-Knit).
Use more or less rows to make a ghost shorter or longer. My basic idea was 6 rows, eyelets, 50 rows, eyelets, 6 rows. One ghost had 100 rows (for my growing 17 year old son). One ghost might only have gotten 30 rows. I got distracted.
Sew up the sides, add a face, cinch the top of the bag/ghost up with ribbon or whatever you have at home. Add candy. When the candy is gone, tie the empty ghosts to a tree outside!

The idea here is IT'S JUST A RECTANGLE!

So it doesn't have to be complicated or perfect. I went a little crazy after ghost #4 took me four hours (see below).

But after some cheese soup, some chocolate, and a good night's sleep, Ghosts 5 through 10 went quickly and were actually FUN!

If you use plain old yarn I'll bet they will be super easy. I got it into my head that I needed to use the crochet thread I'd unearthed from a forgotten box. And that was ok ultimately because I really learned some things.

I learned that too much weight is the biggest culprit in dropping stitches. On either machine. Unlike with regular yarn, crochet thread seems to do better with minimal weights. I don't know why this is but it is. And don't have the weight too close to the top.

I learned GO SLOW. No, go EVEN SLOWER THAN THAT. Yes it takes longer. But it takes even longer to pick up stitches when you just dropped half of your 21 stitches and they unraveled about 10 rows. (too much weight).

I learned that unlike plain old yarn, hold that yarn tight. If you're using #10 thread on the USM with keyplate one, let there be NO SLACK in your yarn. If there is you get a ghost who is really loopy on one side and really tight on the other.

I learned if you even THINK you're going to drop some stitches, pull the left 2 and the right 2 needles out into forward working position. As long as the latches are open you won't drop those stitches. If the stitch didn't complete itself, just manually knit that one stitch.

That's pretty much it. As I was filling the bags I was thinking I should have dyed them orange and made them pumpkins (smile).

So here's the rest of the pictures, and down below you can read about ghosts 1 through 4.

Read the rest below at your own risk!

Ok so today I knit ghost #2 and ghost #3 just like the directions below for ghost #1.

Ghost #2 I got distracted (yes, even with just knit 6 rows I already got distracted) and knit 10 rows before I remembered I needed holes for the ribbon to go through. So I just did 10 then the transfer EOS. No big deal.

But I also got distracted during the knit 50 rows. I think I only knit 30 rows.

Whatever ok. I'll put smaller candy bars in that one.

Ghost #3 really went well!

Obviously I got too full of myself because I decided to use some #10 crochet thread on the Hand-E-Knit. Am I the only person in the world that owns a Hand-E-Knit? I think so.

I don't really know how to do anything but "knit" on the Hand-E-Knit. First I forgot to e-wrap the first row. Ok that's ok I left a long tail so I decided when I finished I would take it off the machine and crochet the stitches closed. That is what I did on ghost #1.

Transferring stitches on the Hand-E-Knit is harder than on the USM.

Ok I lived through it though.

Man I do not know what I was thinking. I haven't used this machine in so long. And I've never actually MADE anything on it except that pink and green hem for casting on. I lost the latch tool for this machine. The two tools I do have are rusty-ish and not very friendly. I don't know when and where to put weights on the knitting. Basically I don't know this machine.


I have a piece that is 6 rows, then the eyelets, then I don't know how many rows because I dropped the stitches so many times I lost count of how many rows I have or don't have and the last time it dropped stitches, well, it's not as easy to pick up stitches on this monster beast as it is on the USM.

If you think it's hard to fix mistakes on the USM forget the Hand-E-Knit.

I truly was ready to throw the thing out the window.

And unlike the USM the Hand-E-Knit does NOT respond to threats or swear words or tears.

So I got to the point where I could rip out a couple of rows (it's not easy to do that because the needles on the Hand-E-Knit are fixed, unlike the USM) and knit 2 more good rows. Then do the eyelets. Then get 6 rows knitted. DAMN! Ok it was a stronger word than that. I dropped about 4 end stitches and they unravelled. Guess what? I don't care. Because they're going to go into the seam.


I should mention too the other big problem I had is that the thread kept winding all up and so I used the ball winder on it and made a nice little cake of yarn. But it STILL tangled up on itself. Ugh.

Ok so I'm done. I knit one row of dental floss and the floss ran out, dropping a few more stitches.

I don't care.

I don't care.

I don't care.

Guess what? You can't just knit one row of dental floss and take it off ANY machine. duh.

I don't know how to bind off on the machine because the needles are fixed. And now I'm tired too. I've been making ghosts for 6 hours. And I didn't eat.

So I quickly find the smallest crochet hook I can find and wind it gently through every live stitch. Whew.

Have some cheese soup. Life will seem better.

Ok, and now I have that nice rectangle you see above ghosts #1, #2, and #3.

Tomorrow I will turn it into a ghost.

If I don't set it to fire . . .

Today I better go to bed before I do any other dumb things.

Directions for Ghost #1 (or make your own size)

I want to knit some little ghost treat bags for Halloween this year!

Here's how it is going:

1. I hung a hem with waste yarn, and knit one row with dental floss.

2. Using Keyplate 1, I cast on 21 stitches with Aunt Lydia's size 3 Mercerized Cotton.

If you don't have a keyplate 1 that is ok. I started out making a ghost with keyplate 2. It will be fine. But when I realized I have a keyplate 1 that I've never even used, I decided to use that.

3. I knit 6 rows.

If you're having trouble with dropped stitches, knit SLOW and pull out your needles to working position before you run the carriage over them.

Also hold the end stitches against the machine or table.

4. Transfer every other stitch to the adjacent needle and put the empty needles in holding position.

5. Knit 2 rows.

6. Put the holding needles back in working position.

7. Knit 50 rows.

8. Transfer every other stitch to the adjacent needle and put the empty needles in holding position.

9. Knit 2 rows.

10. Put the holding needles back in working position.

11. Knit 6 rows.

12. Now you have a long rectangle that you can seam up the sides.

13. Run some ribbon through the eyelets created in steps 4 and 8.

If you don't have ribbon, crochet a chain from the mercerized cotton.

14. Paint a face on your ghost. I used Wet N Wild Black nail polish (on sale at Rite Aid this week for 59 cents).

You could also use a black sharpie, black embroidery floss, black yarn, the possibilities are endless.

15. Add candy and cinch up the ribbon!

My finished ghost is about 3.25" wide and 5" tall. It contains three miniature candy bars (snack size, not mini miniature).

My next attempt I'm going to cast on 42 stitches and then I will only have to seam up one side of the ghost. Where it says knit 50 rows I will only have to knit 25 rows.

On second thought, I'd have to seam up a side and the bottom.

You can make this any size you want. Maybe you only want to put one candy bar in it or maybe you want to add 5 or 6 candies.

You could also make a crochet rope to go through the eyelets and be like a necklace instead of just a bag.