Updated February 4, 2016

Knitting sites, some machine, some hand.

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Ok lots of these links are not going to work. I'm going to try to work on them.

These links do work:

Ruth From Ohio's Machine Knit Infinity Poncho (stunning)

Patterns for the Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine
Kangamoo Knits Machine Knit Baby Booties Pattern

Shrug pattern generator

Knitting and the Incredible Sweater Machine
Knitting Today
South Bay Bond Knitting Machine Club
Gina Ahrens Knitting Machine Site
North Tipton Creations
The Wool Bin
Ilene's Needle Nook
Knitting Universe
Sweaterscapes some free some not free patterns
Esther's Knitting Page
WWII knitting
Wool Works
The Fiber Gypsy
Free Machine Knitting Patterns
Diana Sullivan's Machine Knitting Site
Free machine knitting patterns from Fiber-Images
Marge Coe's knitting
Knit it Now
Some really nice hand knit free patterns from Tahki Stacy Charles
These links may or may not work:

Bond video club
I have been bitten by the machine knitting bug. I have a Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine, a Bond EZ Knittr, a Hand-E-Knit (standard gauge machine) and a Brother with a Knitleader.

My favorite knitting sites:

Amy's Machine Knitting site

Bond List Thoughts

Basic Cardigan pattern for Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine

Sweater Coat pattern for Bond

Knit Pro makes knitting charts for intarsia

Knitting patterns for the beginner

Toni Dula's website for Bond Machine Knitting

Bond Machine Knitting patterns

About.com knitting patterns forum

Sandees Kwik Knit machine knitting books

Linda Boudreau's machine knitting site

Charlotte's Yarn Barn Bond patterns

Knit List Gift Knitting Patterns

Bond & machine knitting patterns and help

Making a magic scarf on the Bond

Knitted bunny

Winter knit & crochet things

Machine-Knit free patterns

Bond Buzz back issues

Bond Machine Knitting Patterns

CJ's Bond Patterns (baby and child patterns too)

Michelle's Bond pattern page including a baby romper

Bonnie's Bond page with patterns

Machine knit patterns for dolls

Steph Thornton's Bond patterns

Incredible Sweater Machine Webring

Doll patterns

More doll patterns

More doll patterns