Last updated October 18, 2015

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My new shrug:

This is the toddler sweater I just made:

I made Billy this sweater with a hood:

For Christmas I made Billy this bath robe (sewn):

A doll sweater I made:

A scarf I knitted with pockets:

I have recently acquired a Hand-E-Knit portable knitting machine. You can see it here

I haven't made anything with the Hand-E-Knit yet, just played around getting it to work with the help of the All_Time_Vintage_Knitting_Machines group on yahoo.

I also have a Knit King 4000 and a Knit Leader which I have only played with the Knit King for a few hours last night.

I made these slippers , ok just ONE slipper last night. If you will click you can see the pattern and how it is supposed to look, and also how my one slipper looked!

These are things I have made on my Ultimate Sweater Machine:

This is my Paton's Cha Cha sweater. It's really soft.

This is the Bluejays Sweater I made for Billy with the intarsia keyplate. It wasn't as hard to make as I thought it would be, and he said "all the adults at school said they like my sweater". His school is the Shepherd Bluejays.

This is a sweater I made for me using the pattern in the book that comes with the USM. I made it with Bernat's Denim yarn. It's very soft.

This is that doggone baby blanket I made with Red Heart Baby Clouds that I will never use again! I still have the remains of a blister on my thumb where I had to manually knit every other row.

click here to see a few other USM knit things and some crochet things I made before I injured my elbow.

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