August 21, 2013
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These are frog pairings where you CANNOT get a frog you expect to get!

Two Blue Callaina Gemmas (as for the weekly set starting August 15, 2013!) cannot get another Blue Callaina Gemma!

White folium Pulvillus and glass tingo arcus cannot produce a white tingo pulvillus

Maroon Albeo Foramen and White Chroma Axis cannot produce a white albeo foramen

Glass aurum nodare and emerald caelus vicis cannot produce an emerald aurum vicis

Pink cafea fortuno and glass muscus foramen cannot produce a pink musucs formen (or is it royal?)

Glass Viola Fortuno and Orange Albeo Hennae cannot produce an Orange Viola Fortuno

For example this one is a glass folium lanterna and a cocos caelus lanterna. You cannot get a cocos folium lanterna.

This was an emerald chroma fortuno and an aqua albeo fractus. You cannot get an emerald albeo fractus this way!

This one is an aqua viola crustalli and a glass chroma ludo. You cannot get an aqua viola ludo this way.

This was a beige chroma vicis and a glass tingo pictoris. You cannot get glass tingo vicis from this combination.

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